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General Questions

My patterns are currently for sale on both Ravelry and

If you'd like to have your pattern stored in your Ravelry library, please purchase the pattern there. Ravelry also works best for any future pattern updates, as you'll automatically receive the update. Patterns purchased on my website will not automatically transfer to your Ravelry library.

You can shop all my Ravelry patterns here.

Due in part to the on-going accessibility issues with Ravelry, my patterns are also available on my website.

Ravelry requires that all patterns are "full patterns", complete with instructions. My Doodle Digital Expansions are "chart-only", and therefore, unable to be added to Ravelry.

I offer these chart-only expansions at a lower cost, so that you can add to your existing Doodle pattern collection of charts without having to buy a whole new pattern.

As I continue adding expansions, I'm working on also adding full pattern versions of those same charts (infinity and standard cowls), so that they can be purchased on Ravelry and stored there.

Nope! Patterns purchased though will be delivered automatically via email after purchase is complete, which includes a download link for your digital pattern.

This link does not expire, however, if you delete the email or lose the file, I'll be happy to resend it for you. Just contact me with your name and/or order number.

Doodle Patterns & Decks

Doodles come in a few different formats:

  • Full Digital Patterns that include the full instructions, charts, tutorials, and photos
  • Chart-only Digital Expansions that include just the charts, to add to an existing pattern shape
  • Doodle Decks that include the chart sets in a physically printed cart to aid in rearranging your doodle (plus two "lite" cowl patterns)

You can also check out the FREE Doodle Pattern Workbook for a guide to work through your first doodle!

Head over to Doodle Collections to see a visual list of all the different thematic chart options available for Doodle patterns.

Each Doodle Deck is comprised of one or more digital Doodle patterns in order to make up the thematic content within the deck.

The primary difference is whether or not you want your motifs digitally, or printed as physical playing card style.

Full Decks are equivalent 2-3 digital Doodle patterns in order to make up the 51 motif cards included.

Half Decks are equivalent to 1 digital Doodle pattern in order to make up the 24 motif cards included.

Each Deck product listing includes a list of exactly which digital patterns are included.

Due to the long lead time to design and print Doodle Card Decks, not every Doodle pattern that is available digitally is also available in a deck format.

Stay tuned as more Doodle Decks are coming soon!

With the exception of a few generic "border" patterns, all of the charts includes across the Doodle Card Decks are unique, and if you collect them all, there will be essentially no duplicates.

The "Full Decks" are the ore Seasonal Doodle Decks that include 51 unique colorwork charts, 2 cowl patterns, and an instruction card, all wrapped up a custom printed cardboard tuck box.

The "Half Decks" are expansion packs that include 24 unique colorwork charts, 2 cowl patterns, and an instruction card, all wrapped up a custom printed cardboard tuck box.

Working with me

Yes! Please see more info on my Test Knits page.

Yes! Please see more info on my Collaborations page.

Yes! Please see more information on my Wholesale page.

For a limited number of shops, I can do a Doodle Deck Trunk Show. I prioritize supporting local yarn stores in and around the Seattle area.

Currently I do not travel outside of Washington for trunk shows.

I'm currently working on creating a course curriculum for teaching knitters How to Doodle. I am offering this course in person and online on a limited basis, as my schedule permits.

If you'd like to proposed hosting me for a Doodle Class in your LYS, please contact me.